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Other Publications

  • David Sichinava."The 2012 Parliamentary Elections in Georgia and Changing Attitudes Toward Russia". Caucasus Analytical Digest, Issue 48, 2013. Read
  • Andrea Filetti. "Why So Much Stability? An Overview of The Azerbaijani Political System." Turkish Policy Quarterly, Volume 11, 2012. Read
  • Severina Müller. "Social Exclusion of Women in Azerbaijan." Caucasus Analytical Digest, Issue 40, 2012. Read
  • Natia Mestvirishvili. "Social Exclusion in Georgia: Perceived Poverty, Participation and Psycho-Social Wellbeing." Caucasus Analytical Digest, Issue 40, 2012. Read
  • Nana Papiashvili. "Development in Adjara: Insights from Batumi." Caucasus Analytical Digest, Issue 38, 2012. Read
  • Pearce, Katy E. (2011). Convergence Through Mobile Peer-to-Peer File Sharing in the Republic of Armenia. International Journal of Communications 5 (2011), 511-528. Read 
  • Müller, Martin. (2011). Public Opinion Toward the European Union in Georgia. Post-Soviet Affairs, 27, 1, pp. 64-92. Read
  • Pearce, Katy E. (2011). Political Institutional Trust in the Post-Attempted-Coup Republic of Armenia. Demokratizatsiya, 19, 58-83. Read
  • Robia Charles. "Religiosity in Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia." Caucasus Analytical Digest, Issue 20, 2010. Read
  • Anna Arganashvili. "Social Cohesion in Post-Soviet Georgian Society". 2010. Read
  • Tamar Makharadze. "Community-based Day-care Services for People with Intellectual Disabilities in Georgia: a Step towards their Social Integration." Journal of Intellectual Disabilities, Vol. 14 (4), 1-13. 29 November, 2010. Read
  • Yuliya Aliyeva Gureyeva. "Policy Attitudes towards Women in Azerbaijan: Is Equality Part of the Agenda?" Caucasus Analytical Digest, Issue 21, 30 November, 2010. Read
  • Hans Gutbrod and Malte Viefhues. "Climbing the Mountains of Languages: Language Learning in Georgia". Caucasus Review of international Affairs, Vol 2 (4), Spring 2010. Read
  • Therese Svensson. "Tracking Monetary Policy One Big Mac - and One Khachapuri - At a Time",, April-May 2010. Read
  • Arpine Porsughyan and Nana Papiashvili. "Top Earners of Georgian Society: A Summary",, April-May 2010. Read
  • Therese Svensson and Julia Hon. "Attitudes Toward the West in the South Caucasus", the Caucasus Analytical Digest, February 2010. Read
  • Arpine Porsugyan and Nana Papiashvili. "Insight to Georgian Households: CRRC Data on Economic Wellbeing in the Caucasus",, December-January 2009-2010. Read
  • Arpine Porsughyan. "Obstacles and Opportunities for Civil Society Development in the South Caucasus". Development and Transition. 2009. Read
  • Hans Gutbrod and Nana Papiashvili. "Georgian Attitudes to Russia: Surprisingly positive". Russian Analytical Digest, November 2009. Read
  • Robia Charles (2010). “Religiosity and Trust in Religious Institutions: Tales from the South Caucasus (Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia).” Journal of Politics and Religion, 3, pp 228-261. Read
  • Julia Hon and Tamuna Khoshtaria. "What Is Going On? Insights from CRRC Survey Data in Georgia and the Caucasus",, July-August 2009. Read
  • Hans Gutbrod and Koba Turmanidze. "Is Georgia a Democracy Now?" - Views of the Georgian Electorate, The Foreign Policy Center, 2009. Read

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