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Issue 6 (62), July-August 2013
  • RFP: UC Berkeley Scholars Workshop, November 3 - November 16, 2013   
  • CRRC Azerbaijan's and ARISC's Joint Project - Work-in-Progress Series 
  • CRRC Armenia's Project on Alternative Resources in Media 
  • CRRC Georgia's Survey on the May 17th Events in Tbilisi                                                                                  
Download: News and Numbers from CRRC_August_2013.pdf

Issue 5 (61), June 2013
  • CRRC Conference: Advancing Methodological Innovations in the South Caucasus
  • Award Ceremony for Junior Research Fellows' in Azerbaijan
  • Conference on Social Capital: Definitions, Applications, Cultural Contexts
  • CRRC Georgia Releases First Media Monitoring Report in 2013                                                                                 
Download: News and Numbers from CRRC_June_2013.pdf

Issue 4 (60), May 2013
  • CRRC Announces Research Methods Conference
  • Education in Azerbaijan: A Snapshot 
  • CRRC Armenia Launched Its Junior Fellowship Program
  • CRRC Georgia Launched a New Round of Media Monitoring                                                                                 
Download: News and Numbers from CRRC_May_2013.pdf

Issue 3 (59), March & April 2013
  • High Abortion Rates Vs. Conservative Views against Abortion in the South  Caucasus
  • CRRC Azerbaijan Conducted a SPSS Training for Government Agencies 
  • CRRC Armenia Hosted a Training on the Prediction of the Quality of Survey Questions 
  • The March 2013 NDI Survey Results are Now Public 
Download: News and Numbers from CRRC_April_2013.pdf

Issue 2 (58), February 2013
  • CRRC Announces Research Methods Conference!
  • CRRC Azerbaijan's Joint Project with Khazar University
  • Syrian Armenians in Armenia: Exploring Pathways and Barriers to Integration
  • CRRC Georgia Selected Six Junior Fellows 
Download: News and Numbers from CRRC_February_2013.pdf

Issue 1 (57), January 2013
  • Exploring Emotions and Life Satisfaction in the South Caucasus
  • CRRC Azerbaijan Announces Junior Fellowship Program
  • Armenian Students Present Findings from the Caucasus Barometer
  • First Stage of the Study on Georgia's Workforce Development System is Complete 
Download: News and Numbers from CRRC_January_2013.pdf

Issue 7 (56), November 2012
  • Caucasus Barometer 2012 Results Coming Soon!
  • CRRC Azerbaijan Organizes Data Entry Training for Khazar University Students
  • VET Graduates in Armenia: Unemployed or Underpaid
  • Most of Data Collection for MYPLACE Project Has Been Completed 
Download: News and Numbers from CRRC_November_2012.pdf

Issue 6 (55), October 2012
  • Corruption in the South Caucasus
  • Trust and Agency in Azerbaijan: Personal Contacts versus Civic Institutions 
  • Migration in Armenia: Young and Ready to Work
  • Micro-Geography of Georgian Elections
Download: News and Numbers from CRRC_October_2012.pdf

Issue 5 (54), September 2012
  • Labor Market Study in the South Caucasus
  • CRRC-Azerbaijan's Program Manager Participates in a Program on the South Caucasus at the University of Marburg
  • Unemployed, Poor and Happy: Caucasus Barometer 2011
  • Georgian Foreign Policy: Continuity or Change?
Download: News and Numbers from CRRC_September_2012.pdf

Issue 4 (53), July 2012
  • RFP: UC Berkeley Scholars Workshop
  • New and Old Media: Trends in Azerbaijan
  • CRRC Armenia: Publication Research Fellowships 2012 Available
  • CRRC Georgia has Launched a Blog in Georgian!

Issue 3 (52), June 2012
  • Job Opening: Research Director at CRRC
  • Gender Attitudes in Azerbaijan 
  • CRRC Hosts TESEV Study Tour Participants
  • Georgia: A Liberal or Socially Conservative Country?

Issue 2 (51), February 2012
  • Carnegie Research Fellowship Program
  • Presentation of a Report on the Protection Needs and Attitudes towards Displacement among IDPs and Host Communities in Azerbaijan 
  • Completion of the 2011 World Values Survey in Armenia 
  • Georgian Attitudes to Judicial Independence | EWMI JILEP report

Issue 1 (50), January 2012
  • How Well Do You Know the South Caucasus? Take the Quiz to Test Your Knowledge
  • CRRC Launching a New Nationwide Survey in Azerbaijan
  • Survey on Migration in Armenia
  • EU Survey Report Released: Knowledge and Attitudes towards the European Union in Georgia 

Issue 9 (49), November 2011
  • CRRC will be a Host Institution under OSF’s Think Tank Fund Internship Program
  • Graduation Ceremony for the Junior Fellowship Program in Azerbaijan
  • Presenting Social Cohesion in Armenia
  • MYPLACE Fieldwork Starts in Georgia

Issue 8 (48), October 2011
  • How Does the South Caucasus Compare? 
  • Survey of Assistants to Members of Parliament in Azerbaijan
  • Armenian Media Landscape - CRRC's Upcoming Report
  • Public Attitudes Toward Volunteering in Georgia

Issue 7 (47), August-September 2011
  • Call for Applications: UC Berkeley Scholars Workshop 
  • Ankara’s Strategic Depth Concept and Its Approach to Azerbaijan
  • World Values Survey in Armenia 
  • How Gender Determines Roles and Behaviors of Women In and Outside of Georgian Families?

Issue 6 (46), July 2011
  • Carnegie Research Fellowship Program | Winners Announced 
  • Study on Cross Border Trade and Investment between Georgia and Azerbaijan
  • Media Survey within the ARMedia Project
  • Caucasus Barometer: Unpacking Public Trust in the President

Issue 5 (45), June 2011
  • CRRC Associate Regional Director Presents at the 66th Annual AAPOR Conference
  • Conference on Social Protection and Social Inclusion in Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia 
  • Ask CRRC | Population Sizes and Sample Sizes
  • CRRC Starts Youth Engagement Research | European Project

Issue 4 (44), May 2011
  • ODA - CRRC Data Analysis Online
  • If You Were Asked What Everyone Else Thought of Your Country...
  • CRRC Armenia and Azerbaijan Directors at the Civil Society Policy Forum
  • Follow-Up Media Landscape Survey

Issue 3 (43), April 2011
  • The Caucasus Barometer 2010 Dataset Is Available!
  • CRRC-Azerbaijan Junior Research Fellows Compete for the Best PowerPoint Presentation
  • 2010 Armenia Corruption Survey of Households: Report Becoming Available
  • Ask CRRC | Sampling Weights

Issue 2 (42), March 2011
  • CRRC Goes Central Asia
  • Ask CRRC | Sample Size
  • Survey on the Level of Social Cohesion in Armenian Society
  • CRRC Announces the Caucasus Barometer Report Competition!

Issue 1 (41), January/February 2011
  • Caucasus Barometer 2011 Results Coming Soon!
  • Third Stage of the Junior Research Fellowship Program at CRRC-Azerbaijan Launched!
  • Publication Fellowship for Researchers in Armenia
  • The Economic Condition of Households in Georgia


Issue 40, December 2010
  • Call for Applications: UC Berkeley Scholars Workshop, Spring 2011
  • Policy Attitudes towards Women in Azerbaijan: Is Equality Part of the Agenda?
  • Preliminary Findings of 2010 Corruption Survey Presented to the Media
  • Food Safety in Georgia: Views from Retailers, Producers and Consumers

Issue 39, November 2010
  • Forbidden Love: Attitudes toward Interethnic Marriage in the South Caucasus
  • Award Ceremony of the JRFP-Azerbaijan
  • So Close and Yet so Far
  • Junior Research Fellowship 2011 Accounced in Georgia!


Issue 38, October 2010
  • Will You Be My Friend? Gauging Perceptions of Interethnic Friendship in the South Caucasus
  • Ask CRRC
  • Is the Caucasus in Europe or Asia? | Tim Straight at TEDxYerevan
  • Survey of PhD Students in Georgia

Issue 37, September 2010
  • New Associate Regional Director at CRRC
  • Winners of the First Stage of the JRFP-Azerbaijan Announced
  • UC Berkeley Fellowship Opportunity for the Scholars in the South Caucasus
  • A Love of the Unknown | South Caucasians attitudes to the EU

Issue 36, August 2010
  • Attitudes toward the West | Caucasus Analytical Dig
  • The Public's View of Constitutional Reform in Georgia
  • Presentation of Corruption Survey Results in Armenia
  • What Makes Georgian’s Happy? Results from World Value Survey

Issue 35, June 2010
  • Pre-election Media-monitoring in Georgia
  • Report on Civil Advocacy in Armenia
  • Highlights of the Month
Download: CRRC_E-bulletin_June_2010.pdf

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